LAVA Ranch Property Owners’ Association Brief History

Lava Ranch Property Owners’ Association was incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation January 16, 1978. Nestled in the mountains south of Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, both trailer and cabin sites can be found on the Mountain. Enjoy the beauty of the mountains and experience the recreational activities that are offered here. Many of the Lava Ranch lots are owned by friends, relatives, and neighbors. You can enjoy socializing and meeting new members as you experience the miles of roads, facilities, and common grounds that are here for members.

Douglas Fir, Maple, and Aspen trees abundantly cover the 470 lots of Lava Ranch, each lot containing 5 acres or more. Deer, moose, rabbits, wild turkeys, eagles and hawks are just a few of the species of wildlife that make their homes in Lava Ranch and the surrounding area. Even bears have been reported to be in the area. No hunting is allowed in Lava Ranch so it is not uncommon for the wildlife to wander right through camp. Wildlife viewing is a favorite recreational pastime of the members, both on their own private lots and on the common grounds where we can all mingle together and discuss the wildlife we view.

Amenities for Lava Ranch Property owners include the Frank May Pavilion, where registered members of Lava Ranch Property Owners’ Association can camp, hold reunions, or just enjoy the beauty of the area. Restrooms are available. A favorite spot to meet and talk while filling water tanks is the well by the pavillion. Lava Ranch also provides a private fishing pond for it’s property owners and guests. Annually stocked with fish, it is a favorite spot for the youngsters and oldsters alike to try their luck at catching “the big one” or talking about the one that got away.

With some 33 miles of roads within the subdivision, there is ample room to ride ATVs in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter. For both safety and security, all recreational vehicles are required to display the lot number of the sponsoring property owner, as well as a current State of Idaho or Utah recreation sticker. Non-compliant vehicles are subject to Trespassing citations. For the safety of everyone the maximum speed limit on all Lava Ranch roads is 20 Miles per hour.