Minutes for First and Fourth quarter Board meeting missing
Board Meeting
Date: July 11, 2009
Time: approximately 2:45 pm

Attending: Ed Allred, Marv Zaugg, Loretta Conway, Gary Felter, Jeanie Avery, John Gest, Gale Allred, Carl Roberts
Absent: Rich Adam
Motion to order: Ed Allred
2nd By Loretta Conway
Need to elect new officers
President: Ed Allred
Vice President: Marv Zaugg
Secretary: Loretta Conway
Treasurer: Rich Adams
Signature on account
Marv Zaugg to sign checks with Loretta Conway in case of one not here.
Richard Shupe turned in invoice to board and agreed to continue to provide the lunch for the next year’s Annual meeting
Set next board meeting for Aug. 17, 2009 6:00 at pavilion
Comments from Ed Allred: Which job would interest you? Set some goals. Let’s have better transparency to the association. We still need someone for the roads, compliance, grounds.
Question: John Gest shows interest in compliance. Is there anything else I would need to know?
Answer: Jeanie Avery said that there were no guild lines. Question: Carl Roberts asked if we should close this meeting and consider which job we would like to do.
Ed Allred replied that there was a problem with that in that if things come up before the next meeting the members would not know who to contact.
Ed Allred asked John Gest if he would like to be over compliance with Jeanie Avery’s help.
Gale Allred – roads
Carl Roberts- grounds
These positions can be adjusted at the next meeting
Gary Felter we need someone to help get Rich Vandyke the information for the computer. Would you be willing to do that?
Jeanie Avery- Fencing and gates, stickers out for ATV’S, security and help John with compliance
Question: John Gest asked if he could bring someone in to look at lots and to help.
Jeanie Avery answered that the plot maps must be turned in to the board and approved. Then the county will send their people up. Ed said that he had no problem with the extra help and Jeanie said that we didn’t need it.
Ed Allred asked us again to set some goals for the next meeting and bring the outlines for the different jobs with us.
Motion to adjourn
Loretta Conway, Secretary

Board Meeting
August 17, 2009
6:00pm Pavilion

Attendance: Carl Roberts, Marv Zaugg, Rich Adam, Gary Felter, Loretta Conway, John Gest, Gale Allred, Ed Allred
Absent: Jeanie Avery
Guest: Harry Scott lot#413
Maxine Scott

Called to order by Ed Allred
1st order of business to approve May 15, 2009 minutes
Motion by Marv Zaugg 2
nd by Carl Roberts
Motion carried unanimously
Marv Zaugg then read out loud the minutes of the annual meeting held on July 11, 2009
Corrections were made where needed and minutes were approved by a motion from Gary Felter and 2
nd by John Gest
Minutes were then read by Ed Allred for the board meeting of July 11, 2009
Motion for approval by Carl Roberts 2
nd by John Gest.
Question on how much interest the money market was getting and if we should look into moving it to at least 3 or 4 different banking establishments.
Motion to look into such by Carl Roberts 2nd by John Gest motion carries
Question was asked where the locks and key budget come from.
Locks and keys are on fencing budget.
Do we still have a budget for the 2 telephones for emergency?
We need to shift some funds to cover the cost to keep them on.
Motion made to do so by Rich Adam 2nd by Gary Felter
Shift $700.00 from weed control to cover phone bill. That still leaves plenty for weeds
Motion by Rich Adam 2nd by Gary Felter
Frank ie May does do the weed control but does not turn in any bills for the work.
$700.00 was spent on stocking the fish in the pond in June of this year.
Motion to except the budget by Marv Zaugg 2nd by John Gest

Status of delinquent dues:

Ed Allred contacted an attorney “Green and Green” out of Pocatello
County will get us an updated list of owners this month. First we will send out a letter to these owners. We will wait on sending out a new assessment to members until we see if any delinquent owners pay.
Motion to wait by Rich Adam 2nd by Carl Roberts
Gale Allred has started the escape route. We need all the owners to keep their own roads clear. We are considering two different green burn areas to clean up trees and have a place for people to put their trees. $38,000.00 to $39,000.00 has already been spent. Do we want a green burn area or more gravel on more roads?
Motion to put green burn area on Deer Haven location. Motion by John Gest 2nd by Rich Adam motion carries
Elk Pass, High Country, Wolverine, Cougar, Martin, Big Bear, and the new dumpster site have been graded this year. Also a new dumpster pad is done on top of Porcupine and a lot of grading that we haven’t even kept track of.

Baker has about a half mile left to go on the Maple Pass area at $2.50 a foot instead of $3.00 a foot because we can use some of the fencing that is still there from old fences. There is $10,000.00 in the budget for fencing, gates, locks, keys. We will go until the money runs out.

Permit Approvals: John Gest
Looked at John’s documents that he put together for us. He would like to see them put on the web site.
Motion to except the compliances by Rich Adam 2nd by Carl Roberts
Ed Allred wants us all to read through the proposal amendment that no work be awarded without at least 3 bids except for the luncheon, accounting, and legal

Three Rivers was present for the meeting in hopes of getting an approval from the board to start their project. Marv Zaugg had some questions about #3 on their contract. Ed Allred also wanted to know where it says it in the contract who is liable for damages to the roads and that the contractor needs to spell it out in his contract. The contractor also needs to have $2 million aggre liability. We need a copy of the contract from the contractor before we can sign anything with Tree Rivers.

Motion to adjourn by Gary Felter
2nd by Gale Allred
Loretta Conway, Secretary

Board Meeting
Board of Directors Meeting
May 15, 2009

Attending: Keith Brady, Ed Allred, Richard Shupe, Carl Roberts, Marv Zuagg, Gale Allred, and
Gary Felter
Excused: Jeanie Avery, Rich Adam

Keith called the meeting to order at 9:10 A.M.

Minutes of last BOD meeting was read. A motion to approve the minutes was given by Marv
and seconded by Ed. Unanimously approved.

All BOD was given the task of trying to find anywhere that  we could reduce the expenses and
eliminate any annual dues increase.
Income budget is down 13 K. We have almost 20 K in back dues that have not been collected.
Discussion was held in regards to past due accounts of membership dues. The board talked
about several options and how to proceed. A suggestion  was given to put a lien on all property
that was behind by $350.00. Hire an Attorney to send a letter stating that a lien would be
placed on their property if not paid in full by 30 days. lt was also suggested that they would be
sent to a collection agency. They would be held responsible for the cost, plus back dues. We
need to be aggressively pursuing this collection. We would like this to happen before the
annual meeting dated July 11, 2009. Motion to pursue this action was presented that an
attorney would write up the liens and legal documentation. Motion by Gale and seconded by
Carl. Gale said that he would take the liens to Bannock County and file them in behalf of the
Lava Ranch Association. An Amended Motion was given: To lien all properties with a $350.00
past due and have an attorney write up liens and legal documentation. Motion by Ed and
seconded by Marv. Approved unamousily.

Three Rivers
Gordon Gillman talked about how the Demo is going. He stated that it was going good. They did
have an issue with going over on to the personal property of the Finch family. He had
conversation with Mike Finch and he stated that it was fine with them. The question was asked
about the stumps being chipped down to the ground level? He stated that they would. Gordon
asks for some time at the annual meeting. We granted that request. He also stated that Beetles
and misceltoes  was a problem throughout the Ranch and could be sprayed to help in the
prevention of wildfires. He talked about the match to property owners. This could be
accomplished by keeping track of the hours by each individual that they work on their own
properties. This would have to be summated to Three Rivers. He asked if he could meet with a
group of the directors at the Ranch on Friday the 23rd of May. He asked if we could provide him
with a mailing list by Monday the 18th.

Lot # 185 has asked for an in kind letter to allow them a variance that was similarly given to lot
184. Ed stated that he would draft a letter up and forward it on.
Lot # 221 Building dispute. Mr. Roberts has had second thoughts about the building on Mr.
Rose’s property. Bannock County has placed a Red tag on it. Ed has made several attempts to
contact Mr. Rose to suggest that they could relocate the bath house and get it into compliance.
A discussion was held to what constitutes a “living quarters”. Several personal thoughts were
brought up. lt was stated that one inspector would rather see a bath house than a ”pit toilet”. lt
was general feeling of those present that a bath house was NOT a living quarters. A suggestion
was given to have Mr. Roberts send a letter to Mr. Rose,-stating that the building was
acceptable to him. In the letter it should state that the building must not be used as a living
quarter and must comply with Bannock County request. The location must also meet Mr.
Roberts’s approval for its location.


Budget Discussed current budget and proposed 2009-2010 budget. Several changes were made
to the purposed budget for 2009-2010:
• Cut annual picnic to $2000.00 from $3000.00.
• Insurance to $6500.00 from $6370.00.
• Portable toilets to $0 from $300.00.
• Fish in the pond to $750 from $1500.00.
• Weeds to $1000.00 from $2000.00.
• Telephone needs to be looked at.
• Locks, keys, gates to be taken from fencing budget. This would be to $0 from$1000.00.
• Postage to $250.00 from $500.00.
• Bank charges to $150.00 from 500.00.
• Roll officer/directors insurance cost (From acct number 601506 to 601002).

The newly created book of Resolution was compiled and presented to the board for their
approval. This was compiled from the year of 2005 to the present and placed in a book; there is
also a copy in the general notes that is kept by the BOD secretary.

Ed will form a rough draft agenda with all items of interest for the meeting. Which will include
time for Three Rivers Fire to discuss the pilot fire program. Each board member will be given
the opportunity to report on their area of responsibility.

Richard reported that the next section of fence will be $2.50 per/foot instead of $3.00 because
a lot of the existing wire can be used. Cost for the new locking devise will run about $200.00 to
$250.00 with a total count of eight devices. The balance could be spent on fencing, however
this would need to be completed and paid for by June 30, 2009.

Bids were received from 3 contactors. Big  Construction, K.T.  Excavation and Eagle
Construction. It was stated that Mike Hall construction gave a verbal decline to bid at this time.
All three sealed bids were opened in the presence of the BOD’s at this meeting by President
Keith Brady.  They were given to the board for discussion.  Ed and Gale refrained from taking any acting or voting part in the formal decision in the award. The original bids were given to the
secretary for keeping. See bid packets for prices and information to each. A copy of bids was
given to each BOD that was there.
It was voted upon by the BOD to award the bid to Eagle Construction, which was the lowest bid.
It passed unanimously.
Motion was made by Marv and seconded by Gary to allow K.T. Construction to finish up the
contract to June 30, 2009, if he would honor the prices that he gave to us for the work in the
early part of the contract.
Tri-Valley did not return bid
Gale stated:
• Discuss the roadway approaches to development needs to be improved.
• Talked about general road maintenance.
• Discuss roads that need attention.

Marv stated:
• That the Dump station is to close to the well system.
• Ask if the well has been tested?
• Could septic system be moved? Should be 200′ to 300′ from well and 100’ from a stream
• Well is in a serious situation. lt must comply.
• Marv suggests that the well be shut off.
• He felt that it would take a week to test and get results back.
• The question was asked what the standards were. (Marv was to research)
• Well was drilled by the developer- should have had permit.
• Marv will contact health dept and have water tested.
• Ed will contact the DEQ.
• Carl will check on possible test in service.
• Ed will have a sign made for placement at the well.
Marv made the suggestion that we should possibly consider relocation of the dumpster. We will
look for a different location.
Marv stated that the Porcupine development has a road to LRPOA. We need to check to see if
they want to join the development.

Carl stated:
• Roads that are in front of their property needs to be cleaned up by owners of the
• ATV’s need stickers on them.
• Three Rivers project was discussed.

Check on compliance help for Jeanie.

MOTION TO ADJOURN by Ed seconded by Keith-passed.